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Related article: Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2006 15:32:30 -0200
From: Jorge Grossao
Subject: black-brazilian-soccer-stud/french-ambassador-in-africa-2FRENCH AMBASSADOR IN AFRICAhttp://grossao.blogspot.comI lie on my face, blindfolded, with my son by my side. Suddenly I feel
something very heavy and bulky like a tree trunk falling over my body. I try
to move but I can't, I'm stuck. My son whispers in my ear:- It's his cock dad, the monster. What are you going to do?- Whatever he wants.- I know what he wants daddy, are you sure you can do it?- Yes son, I'll do anything for you.- It'll take a lot of guts daddy, I mean literally.- If we work together we can take care of him.- Yes, we'll work as a team. Mr. President, I mean, Emperor, can you please
raise your^ scepter for a moment^ so I can lie on top of my father^ We're
going to take it together. Yeah, thanks. Ooooof, wow, that's heavy. You're
crushing me^ Gosh it feels so hot and alive^ Ooooh, now that you're dragging
it over us, down to our thighs^ Daddy, open your legs wider, so he can fit^
He's shoving it between us^ He's using our two bodies as a big cunt^ Now
he's rubbing the giant head on my pussy^ Now on yours, dad^ He's undecided^
Which one he's gonna fuck first^ Do you wanna go first daddy?- Yeah son, if you don't mind. I have more experience. Come on stud, I mean
Emperor, shove it in, fuck my French male cunt.I scream when the enormous cock finally rips its way through my buttocks,
into my hungry pussy. It's way too big, I'm afraid I can't take it.- Easy dad, you can take it^ He's got just the head in, I have my thighs
wrapped around the big shaft. This thing is really monstrous dad, would you
say this is the biggest cock on earth?- I don't know son, it's certainly the biggest I've ever taken. Has he
fucked you before I came here?- No dad, I wanted it so much but he said he would do it only in front of
you. So dad, hurry up, let him fuck you, I can't wait for my turn.- Is he all the way in? I feel the pre teens topless
head of his dick lodged in pthc cp preteen my throat from
inside.- No dad, he's only underage preteen photo
halfway through. Come on, dad, take a big breath, you
can take it.I feel that my son is using his strong legs to push the black stud's preteen sex uk cock up
my ass. What's left of my asshole finally gives out and the huge thing
blasts through my internal organs. The head comes out through my mouth, past
my overstretched lips. It's incredible! This cock is so big it comes in
through my asshole and out of my face. Then the enormous ebony trunk just
pulls out leaving a huge emptiness. It's now my son's turn.>From his screams I know his hole has been breached. It's my turn to tell
him:- Easy boy, you can take it. Think of it as your entrance into the
diplomatic career. It will enable you to become the best French ambassador
in Africa in your generation. Think of the glory of France!It's not so easy for a young boy to think of his country preteenn sex and his career when
he has a truly enormous cock blasting its way up his ass, invading and
conquering his thin body. But my son shows his true colors by taking it like
a real Frenchman, urging the black stallion preteen naturist russia to fuck him hard.As my son is lying on top of me, I feel when the giant head pops out of his
mouth, crushing the back of my head. The African monster starts to fuck my
boy, going in and out of his body, and finally cums, drenching me with his
hot semen.The president leaves us on the bed, exhausted and happy.- Well son, I guess that's one more scored for France.- Yes, papa, allons les bleus!
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